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Are We What We Eat? Meals for the Week #4

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There is a fascination today with the way that people eat. It becomes more than the food that they put into their mouths – it’s a way of defining them. People don’t “eat paleo,” they “are paleo.” They don’t “eat vegetarian,” they “are vegetarian.” Food has a lot of power!

I’ve gotten a few questions about the way that we eat, so I wanted to sum up our food philosophy.


Okay, that’s not really a food philosophy. What I mean to say is that we try to keep it in perspective.

Generally speaking, we like to avoid the non-food-stuffs found in processed products and concentrate on the ‘pros’ – produce, protein, and probiotics. We generally don’t eat bread or pasta (once a month, maybe?), not because we’re gluten-free, but because we just think that stomach space is better occupied with vegetables and fruits. Same goes for breakfast cereal – we eat it sometimes, but we usually have eggs, oatmeal or green smoothies because we think they’re better fuel (not to mention that our kids never seem to get full from eating cereal).

We use a lot of Paleo recipes because we like that they use fresh ingredients and don’t rely on sugar or flour. We also try to eat meatless twice per week, which is a challenge for us but getting easier. The kids usually have one or two servings of dairy per day (one serving of yogurt for probiotics and either cheese or a glass of milk).

But sometimes the pizza delivery guy stops by our house, and sometimes we go out for burgers. When we are guests at someone’s home, we happily eat whatever they’re serving. The kids get to choose what we eat for dinner on their birthdays, and they almost exclusively choose pasta and NO VEGETABLES.

And it’s a good place for us. RG and I feel good about the fuel that the kids are putting into their bodies, and it’s a manageable system that lets us keep food in perspective. And the treats are so much well, TREATIER than they were before! For example, these Easter pancakes were like fluffy pillows of deliciousness straight from Heaven.



We’re having pasta this week (kids will be thrilled!). Also, “dad omelets” are exactly what they sound like – omelets made by dad. RG likes to cook, too, and getting him in the kitchen when his schedule allows has been great for the kids to see. It helps us present a united front about the food we’re serving, and it’s awesome for me to take a night off from handling dinner questions/comments/concerns. He usually makes dinner once a week, typically on the weekend. I don’t make the bacon-wrapped chicken bites often because they take a lot of prep (one of my recipe criteria), but they are the kids’ favorite food of all time – I’ll try to prep them the night before. Also, if you make the coconut milk chicken, be sure to save a little coconut milk for the fish sticks (no half-wasted ingredients – that’s another one of my criteria).

Dinners for the Week

Monday: orange chicken and vegetable stir fry

Tuesday: chicken-bacon bites and green beans

Wednesday: quinoa pasta with cauliflower alfredo sauce and salad

Thursday: coconut milk chicken and balsamic Brussels sprouts

Friday: dad omelets and cold veggies

Saturday: fish sticks and coleslaw




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