This. That. Mom.

Some of this and some of that. Musings of an ordinary mom.

Totally worth it.

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Here we are before our annual “fancy Easter brunch.”


Last year, we celebrated Easter as a family of seven. This year, as a family of eight –

And, next year as a family of nine.

Seven kids.

This is a bit well, terrifying. How can seven kids sound like SO MANY MORE than six?

May I tell you something crazy? Six kids never felt like that many to me. I mean, it was more than most other families had, but it didn’t seem like A LOT. But seven. Whoa.

What if seven kids is one more than we can handle?
What if I am too tired to be the mom I want to be?
What if I never lose the baby weight from three babies ago?
What if it is just um, too hard?

Then I remember this.






And I think, Totally worth it.


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