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Day in the Life

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Like all full days, this one started the night before, when I confirmed with RG for the fifth time what the day would be like. This time, literally our fifth run-through, I suddenly realized that I had a conflict, so I emailed my book club and let them know I would miss our meeting.

6:30am. I roll out of bed. I’ve been hitting the snooze since 5:30, when I usually get up to run or go to the gym with friends. This means no workout today – grrr. Coffee first. The next two hours are spent getting everyone ready for the day. I make oatmeal, pack lunches, try to understand a conversation about Harry Potter, change diapers, settle arguments about who-knows-what, check homework, look for jackets, brush hair, help Anne Marie put legwarmers on over her sweatpants.
photo 4

8:45am. Leave to take kids to school. Usually RG does this, but he left for work early so I’m on my own. We make it – practically on time and only forgetting one lunch. I drop the three older kids at elementary school (3rd grade, 1st grade, kindergarten) with their daily instructions to “be kind and learn something!” and get stuck in the longest line of cars on Earth (due to being practically on time as opposed to actually on time). Drop Catherine off at preschool. Hardest part of the day is done.

9:15am. Head home. Feed Dom(1) breakfast, feed Luke(3) second breakfast, eat my breakfast (mug of bone broth and an orange. I know.). Make some lists, do a load of dishes, switch the laundry. Change out of sweats (miracle). Forget to grab the forgotten lunch (he comes by it honestly).

10am. Leave with Luke and Dom for a series of errands including getting Catherine from school and taking her to Kindergarten Round-Up, picking something up at the pediatrician’s office and grabbing a few craft items for the Religious Education class I teach. I’m dragging a little (Dom’s teething and waking up frequently at night) so I resort to my ‘Running Only’ playlist for a pick-me-up and rock out to Pitbull and Rihanna while Luke “reads” some Dora books to Dom behind me. Stop by home for the twice-forgotten lunch then run it to the school (note: this is the third trip to the school today). Luke gets to push the buttons on the elevator at the doctor’s office: day, made. We see friends walking, at the grocery store and at Kindergarten Round-Up: day, made.

12pm. Home again. Lunch for the kids (apple slices with almond butter, cucumbers, sunflower seeds, cheese) and me (leftover grilled chicken with a sweet potato and roasted broccoli). Then a little of this.
photo 2
I nap for 30 minutes (the naps!) then pack a cooler of snacks for Mat’s baseball game, prep dinner (grilled chicken salads), look for some new recipes on Pinterest, exchange some very important, world-changing texts with a few friends and sister-friends, and switch the laundry.

3pm. I wake up the three little kids, and we head back out to pick up the schooligans. It takes about 30 minutes. Seems lame but it’s actually a great part of the day. The little kids, having just woken up from their naps, are in great moods, and we jam to Disney songs, read books or have philosophical discussions about dancing trees and the like.
photo 3 (1)
Big kids jump into Suburban totally full of the day: Mat found out a girl in his class has a crush on him. Bobby is concerned about NWEA. Anne Marie had her favorite substitute teacher. Highs and lows fill the car and spill over onto the driveway when we get home. Probably my favorite ten minutes of the day.

3:40pm. We’re home. Kids unpack backpacks and lunchboxes, put away coats and shoes. Big boys put on baseball uniforms. We sit down to eat dinner. Unusual, but it works for today. RG’s dinner is packed in the baseball cooler. Catherine plays with Dominic, Luke plays with Bobby, Anne Marie reads her library book, and Mathew sulks about. . . well, I can’t remember what it was about.

4:30pm. RG gets home. Four boys load into Suburban: Bobby is going to a friend’s house then to the HS baseball game to be introduced with his team; Luke and Dom are going with RG to Mat’s away baseball game.
mat baseball
Anne Marie, Catherine and I head to Religious Education class (the boys miss it today for the first time all year); they each go to a class with kids their own age, and I teach first grade. We run out of time before we get to the craft.

6:15pm. ALL THE BOYS ARE GONE. This is rare. The ladies and I take advantage by meeting my mom out for dinner (ahem, second dinner – California burger with no bun, no cheese and broccoli for me). It involoves absolutely no talk of baseball, weapons, Cubs stats or science fiction. It’s quiet and lovely.
photo 5

7:30pm. We head home. Girls take a bath while I do the dishes (again). Bobby gets home and showers while Anne Marie reads Cinderella to Catherine and me. Girls go to bed at 8:30. Bobby tells me about meeting the HS baseball players (awesome, lots of high-fives) then goes to bed at 8:45. The kids all fall asleep in under five minutes. I send some emails I’m behind on and look at tomorrow’s plans.

9pm. RG gets home with other three boys. Mat lost his baseball game but is in good spirits. He confesses that he didn’t finish his reading homework and hits the shower. Luke gets ready for bed and has a snack (orange slices and almonds). Dom’s asleep in his carseat. I change his diaper and put him to bed. Mathew heads to bed; he will finish his homework in the morning. Luke falls asleep in our bed; RG moves him to his own.

9:45pm. All kids are asleep. Sink has dirty dishes; laundry has been washed but is piled on the couch, unfolded. RG and I sit in the kitchen and catch up on our days (he sips a vodka and water, I eat almond butter off a spoon): he tells me about some work stress; I tell him I talked to someone about buying local, organic eggs. We laugh about some kid antics, share a few concerns. We talk for about twenty minutes including, for my benefit, going over tomorrow’s schedule for the fifth time.

10pm. He goes to bed. I ignore the dishes and the laundry, and I blog. There will be time for dishes and laundry tomorrow – maybe.


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