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We’re Not Busy.


Here’s the thing about us: we’re the kind of family that gets the questions.

You know the ones:

“Are they all yours?”


Are you going to have more?


Are you two even old enough to have kids?


To be honest, the questions don’t bother me. And, to be fair, we flaunt it. We insist on taking these little people EVERYWHERE.

All. The. Time.


There’s really only one thing people say that bothers me:

“Oh, you must be so busy!

I know what they mean. They mean we must have a lot of activities going, meals to prepare, rides to give. And they’re right about that. But that word.


It implies emptiness, meaninglessness. Busy work. Busybody. It implies we’re running around, frantically driving kids from place to place.

And the truth is, we’re not busy. We do have lots of activities going, meals to prepare, rides to give. But what we are is SO MUCH MORE than busy.

We’re evolving. Getting smarter.


And stronger.


More joyful.


Kinder. More Christ-like.


More of whatever this is.


And so many other things. We are absolutely full to the brim of kids and food and uniforms and schedules and learning and evolving and of getting better from the moment we get up until the moment we go to bed.

But we are NOT busy.



2 thoughts on “We’re Not Busy.

  1. Absolutely true! I love this blog…keep it up!

  2. I absolutely love this.

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